Apr. 23rd, 2017

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Still dismayed by May's U-turn (she has so many you'd need the god of all plumbers to follow them). I'd give Corbyn more credence if he were pro-Remain, but as it is...  The willingness of so many left-wingers to stab him in the back is sickening, though, as is what seems BBC news' bias towards leaving the EU. It's getting harder for me to listen to Radio 4 without shouting at the news. I come from an ingrainedly Conservative town. I have to see this early election as a chance at least to give them a good kick. Lib Dem or Green? I don't know. Dismayed, angry, and a little scared, to be honest.

C and I went to see Pumarosa Monday night. They're a London four-piece; indie-rock with a groove and a bit of programming and sax. The singer sounds a bit Siouxieish. A good band to do the swirly-armed "trad Goth" dance to. The Hare & Hounds seems to be one of the few music venues left in Birmingham, which apparently gives them licence to charge four quid for not very good beer. Fucking hipsters! Gorgeous Art Nouveau tiles, though.

The reading of the last few days: John Howard's Visit of a Ghost and the Sarob Press anthology he shares with Mark Valentine and Ron Weighell, From Ancient Ravens; Colette's The Other One; Christopher Priest's Inverted World; In Her Element, a collection of essays on women and landscape.


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