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I meant to post a few days back and real life got in the way.

The election campaign has displaced Manchester in the headlines, but Friday night at least there were armed policewomen down by the Barclaycard Arena. I don't think they're patrolling down there anymore. What surprised me was how little that didn't disturb me. Maybe because it was a hot summer night and there were many people drinking and laughing by the towpath. Saturday I saw armed coppers when I was in Wolverhampton with [personal profile] cybermule (I miss you - three weeks is too damn long) and it unsettled me then. That city was quiet, though. I want to explore it more; architecturally it's much richer/variegated than Brum: Georgian and Deco buildings and a red sandstone church (Saint Peters) that hasn't been cleaned too much. That's a good thing: they did that to St Martins near the rag market and it looked bland-bare once the soot had come off.

I've set myself a goal. I want to bring out a short story collection - called ideally While The Shadows Last, bringing together old and new weird fiction - sometime in the near future. I've already queried a publisher I respect. Now I need to put together a working manuscript. I have maybe half the word count from existing work: I went out for a long and not wholly liquid lunch with JH Sunday afternoon and talked about it lots. If you read this John, thank you for the encouragement!

There is a request for a bio in the inbox, so with luck Supernatural Tales 35 will be out next month, carrying my story To Utter Dust.

Finally, hello and thank you to [personal profile] sovay , [personal profile] rydra_wong , and [personal profile] lost_spook for brightening up my day with an entertaining thread on Sapphire and Steel and David Colling's hair. You rock!

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