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It's been fun watching Theresa May's plans collapse like a slow-motion Jenga tower. I don't know how scared I should be of her attempts to rope in a bunch of homophobic anti-abortionists for support. Surely that's unsustainable? With Osbourne's dead woman walking  in mind I'm surprised that nobody's yet issued a leadership challenge. I wonder how many more times she can shoot herself in the foot...

I got annoyed with my hair a couple of days back and hacked it off. Short for me, anyway.* Bobs suit me but this just reaches the corner of my jaw and I'm mixed about it: the curse of having a long neck.

I saw [personal profile] cybermule  for lunch and a quick natter yesterday. It was so good to see her! <3 The election results had cheered us both up. Not the outcome we wanted, but not the outcome we feared. Later I saw JH for drinks. He kindly gave me a copy of his collection Buried Shadows (I must not gobble this down) and lent Gert Loschutz's Dark Company: A Novel In Ten Rainy Nights. We talked about the election (inevitably!), The Prisoner, teapots and those tomato-shaped sauce dispensers you'd get in seventies greasy spoons, a recent visit he'd made to Liverpool, Kenneth Williams. I remembered a play I'd seen upstairs at The Victoria: two men playing the young and older Williams, this acidic duologue across the years; I think Joel must have been with me at that show.

Watching: working my way through the Sapphire and Steel boxset. Reading: October; The Story of the Russian Revolution by China Mieville.

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