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It might still be in the twenties tonight. It's almost eleven and there is still some light in the sky; it's cobalt up there, shading to peacock at the horizon. Tried a miniature of Minorcan gin: heavy on the juniper, velveteen one sip, edged the next. My body has been rebelling or performing little tricks I'd rather it didn't in the last few days - IBS, heartburn. Tonight one of my lower eyelids turned inside out in the shower. If that's a response to shampoo in my eye I'd rather have a good oldfashioned nictating membrane. I'll have words with my DNA.

I'm halfway through Gert Loschutz's Dark Company and I really don't know what to make of it. It seems to be the account of a German merchant sailor who lost his boat and has exiled himself to some soggy inland village. The only water that courts him now is rain, and each rainy night evokes another in his past where he was witness to or on the fringe of some murksome event: disappearances, a possible murder by folk-magic, arson. He's warned early on about the dark company - men and women in black who're ill omens to sailors - by his grandfather, who I'm starting to think is a dead man. He's gathering his own company along the way, it seems. Is he an albatross, a haunted man? It's not quite noir or straight-up weird or picaresque. Maybe a mashup of the three. There's just something missing in the novel itself - it's not an explanation; it's never bothered me if things stay a riddle, I love that  - is it a question of atmosphere, or the writing, or the translation? I want to like the novel a lot, but the rain won't quite touch me.

ETA: Shoutout to [personal profile] rydra_wong , [personal profile] lost_spook  and [personal profile] sovay - I've found out what happened after Assignment Six! They changed career and moved to Leicester.

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