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Last weekend I did a daytrip to Hay-on-Wye with a few friends from my writers' group. Too many good bookshops for me to see them all! If you know me on Facebook, my cover photo shows me staring at the head of an early twentieth-century automaton, heavily bearded and ruddy and not looking at all happy to be in the window of an antiques shop (that's the automaton, not me, boomTISH.) I was tempted by a velvet smoking jacket, but not the hundred quid they were asking for it. Lost a lot of time in Booths' Bookshop, where I seemed to entertain my friends with a muttered running commentary on what I did or didn't find: Calvino...what, no Angela Carter, shame on you...HOW Bloody Much? Clocktower Books was chockfull of good taxidermy (we found a grey heron in a glass case next to the Dickens section in Booth's) old furniture, and an impressive natural history section; I came back with less than I expected: Borges' Labyrinths, Christie's The Hound of Death, Alistair Reynolds' rather fun Third Doctor novel Harvest of Time (it doesn't ship his relationship with Delgado's Master quite, but explores it well) and Mervyn Peake's Vast Alchemies, a biography by G. Peter Winnington. This last cost more than I'd like to have paid - I could have got three or four other paperbacks for the same price - but I would have kicked myself for not getting it.

Since then I've mostly been concentrating on writing. I finished The Concrete Child at half two Friday morning. It's the first story I've completed in maybe a year;  I wish I was a hack at times! (Which would mean me producing three stories in twelve months, I guess. :P) Already itching at the thought of where the next one will come from. Which leads me into a shameless bit of self-promotion - Supernatural Tales 35 is now available , featuring my story of libraries and memories, To Utter Dust, if you fancy checking it out.

I met up with [personal profile] cybermule  for a lovely and all-too-brief chat, cuddle, and pint today. I have missed her very much.  Tomorrow I'll catch up with JH and wait for Wimbledon to end so I can find out who the Thirteenth Doctor will be. Still holding out for Tilda Swinton...

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